Halle Soars Once Again With An Acoustic Take Of Her Single ‘Angel’ With Harpist Madison Calley

Photo Credit: Halle/YouTube

We always knew that Halle was talented, but lately our girl has been showing out. She wowed us with her star turn in The Little Mermaid earlier this year. Then she awed us a few weeks ago when she released her debut single “Angel.” She continues to promote the single, which acts as a love letter to Black women, by partnering up with harpist Madison Calley for a special acoustic performance of the song.

Halle’s vocals were already flawless on the original, showcasing how effortlessly the singer can make her voice soar to the heavens. This performance shows that her vocal feat on the studio version wasn’t even scratching the service.

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Accompanied only by Madison’s harp, she dances up and down scales with ease as she sits in front of a microphone in a frilly, pink-feathered gown. She goes beyond just showcasing her range, however, as she makes sure to highlight the song’s inspirational message with a searing conviction. It’s an amazing thing to watch.

“Angel” has reminded people that Halle is, indeed, that girl and this acoustic performance should go further in convincing others that she is a talent to be reckoned with. Prepare to be awestruck as you watch the performance below.

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