Goapele Paints A Seductive Scene In ‘PURPLE’

Photo Credit: Goapele/Facebook

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a decade since Goapele released an album. Although she did drop her Dreamseeker EP in 2017, her last long player was 2014’s Strong As Glass. She’s making this her comeback year, though, with the previous announcement of her new album COLOURS, which is now set for release this fall. Goapele introduced the highly anticipated project with the poignant single “Time Heals,” and she follows that up with the slinky new number “PURPLE.”

Goapele is under the spell of someone who’s got her open and feeling all the things on “PURPLE.” Her sexy side comes out to play, and she takes off her cool from the first verse. “Every time you come around / Got me in a daze / Cause I’m lost inside your purple haze,” she sings. She likens their effect on her to that of the well-known strain of cannabis that shares a name with Jimi Hendrix’s iconic song “Purple Haze.”

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Hendrix isn’t the only artist who comes to mind when listening to “PURPLE.” Prince’s influence and his purple stamp are all over the track’s sound. From Goapele’s dreamy vocals to producer Bedrock’s seductive sound bed of electric guitar, bass and drums, the spirit of Prince was clearly in the studio when they recorded this.

Anticipation for Goapele’s upcoming album COLOURS is pretty high. Between “Time Heals” and “PURPLE,” our interest is definitely piqued. According to a press release, “This project promises to be a kaleidoscope of musical experiences, showcasing Goapele's versatility and innovative spirit.” There’s no release date for the new set yet, but we’re already looking forward to adding it to our Goapele collection.

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You don’t have to wait to add a splash of color to your music collections, though. Stream Goapele’s smoking hot “PURPLE” below, and visit your favorite digital music platforms to add it to your cuffing season playlists.

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