Dre Scot Knows That We’re All A ‘Million Shades’ Of Gray

Photo Credit: Dre Scot/Spotify

It’s tough being a square peg and in a round world. While we all crave some sort of acceptance, there’s something beautiful about simply existing in one’s own space. The truth is, we are all complex beings, and the journey to becoming completely comfortable in one’s own skin isn’t an easy one. Singer-songwriter Dre Scot, the artist formerly known as DeAndre Brackensick, brilliantly captures this sentiment in his latest single “Million Shades.”

Over the NES-produced track, Dre details the difficulty of constantly defining oneself against the standards of others. Amid gorgeous harmonies, bass, guitar and drums, he sings, “Tired of switching up on lanes, gotta let it be / Ain’t no checkin’ any boxes, I’m okay with me / Understand, ain’t your brand, so you assume / Here again all alone in this crowded room.”

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This latest offering from Dre Scot follows his previous single “Feelings” and continues the new chapter kicked off with his professional name change. His recent social media posts hint at lots of work behind the scenes, which will soon give way to more new music, and we’re excited to see it all unfold. Between the live performance videos and split-screen duets, his passion for his craft and his ability to connect with his fans is truly evident. With his strong work ethic and the support of Ciara’s music label Beauty Marks Entertainment, the sky is the only limit for this American Idol alum.

Let Dre Scot impress you with his latest drop below. Visit your favorite digital music service to add “Million Shades” to your playlists and collections.

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