Aliah Sheffield Protects Her Peace Among Nature In ‘I Don’t Like People’

Photo Credit: Aliah Sheffield/YouTube

Aliah Sheffield may have made the biggest splash with her viral track “Earth Is Ghetto,” but the rising star is shaping up to be one of the better singer-songwriters of this generation. Earlier this year, she released her EP These Songs Are For Anyone Sick Of Earth — which featured “Earth Is Ghetto” alongside other singles “Never Drinking Again” and “Boo Boo The Fool.” It also featured the raw ballad “I Don’t Like People,” which is finally getting the visual treatment.

One thing that we love about Aliah is her down-to-earth demeanor. She’s not one to over-embellish, and it comes across earnestly in her work. That’s also true of the visual for “I Don’t Like People.” The clip takes place in various natural scenes, including a lush, green forest and sitting on rocks as the tide rolls in. The scenes match the song’s feel as Aliah performs with only guitar player Jorge Gavida accompanying her. Though a fuller arrangement is heard on the track playing, the scenes help to put the focus on the most important aspect: her ability to turn everyday situations into soulful, relatable songs.

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Whether she’s flagging down spaceships to get up out of Earth or getting down to Earth in visuals like this, we’re just grateful to be able to see a talent like Aliah Sheffield shine. Watch her do just that in the video for “I Don’t Like People” below.

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