Snoh Aalegra Gives Us Another Sip Of Her Romantic Side With ‘Sweet Tea’

Photo Credit: Essence Moseley

Snoh Aalegra is ready to show off her softer, romantic side like never before. Though she’s already done so time and again with songs like “Whoa” and “Fool For You,” she’s tapping into that side even more. Her recently released track “Be My Summer” offers a pared-down musical sound bed, and her newest single “Sweat Tea” continues in that direction.

Snoh turns to No I.D. and Greg Phillinganes on the production tip this go ’round. Both are known in the industry, with the former a go-to producer in the hip-hop and R&B worlds and the latter a revered keyboardist and session musician. They gift the singer with a delicate arrangement of synth chords, strings and piano. And though no drums appear in this particular selection, they make sure to keep things interesting with flourishes and embellishments along the way.

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The simpler production allows Snoh to show off her chops as she sings about a love sweeter than sipping tea in the Southern shade. She finds a way to break through her euphoria on the chorus, where she sings, “You make no sense / Makes sense / So perfect it makes no sense / Like that empty cup you left in my fridge / And that sweet tea ain’t sweeter than you / Sweeter than you, boy.”

We don’t know who’s got Snoh Aalegra so smitten, but we do know that we most definitely want to have a sip of what she’s having. Add a little sweetness to your day when you listen to “Sweet Tea” right here and then head below to get even more by watching the song’s lyric video.

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