Samoht Is Ready For A Magical Night With ‘Moonlight’

Photo Credit: Kwabena Boateng

We sadly have 39 days left in Summer 2023. The end of the true most-wonderful time of the year always gives us a case of the blues. Luckily, we can make the best of the time we’ve got left and Samoht has got us on the soundtrack. The singer-songwriter is back on the block and ready for a good time with his latest single “Moonlight.”

The gifted artist, whose collaborators include the likes of PJ Morton, Luke James and BANKS, once again bends genre boundaries on the track “Moonlight” as he mixes a bit of country and pop into the affair. The track begins with jangly guitar before fading into the smoothed-out pop/R&B number the song really is.

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Lyrically, though, he is just about having a really good night out on the town. He sings of the tequila he’s sipping, the woman who’s catching his eye and doing the electric slide until the wee hours. He doesn’t leave us out of the fun, however, as he slides into the song’s sweet spot on the chorus.

“Ooh, dancing in the moonlight / Yeah, this is what it feels like / Ooh, everybody feels right / Yeah, we’re partying all night long,” he sings, and you’ll likely want to singalong.

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We don’t know about y’all, but “Moonlight” sounds like our kind of carrying on. Allow Samoht to show you how to live it up in the dwindling days of summer when you press play.

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