Samoht Is Running The Streets In The ‘Moonlight’

Photo Credit: Samoht/YouTube

We’ve had Samoht’s new single “Moonlight” in heavy rotation ever since it landed in our laps. The catchy, laid-back groove is perfect for pre-gaming for a night out drinking or “dancing in the moonlight” as he suggests on the chorus. He brings the song’s carefree vibe to life in a fun-loving lyric visual for the track.

In the clip shot by Ramiah and directed by Samoht, we follow him as he runs the city streets at night. He invites viewers to come along with him as he traipses around with his cocktail never leaving his grasp. While on his journey, Samoht meets a group of friendly folks just drinking on the corner who comically become a part of the video.

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After Samoht parts ways with them, he keeps it moving and we spot him frolicking down the middle of the street with his drinky drink and a selfie stick. He captures every bit of his uninhibited Black Boy Joy on camera, and we love to see it.

This is a lyric video after all, so he does include the “Moonlight” lyrics at the bottom of the screen, but they’re secondary to the unscripted good time we see Samoht having. We’re also extremely impressed that he didn’t spill his cocktail on his white shirt for the whole video.

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Pour yourself an adult beverage and press play below to watch Samoht have all the fun and to singalong with him to “Moonlight.”

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