Khamari Relives The End Of A Relationship In ‘Right My Wrongs’

Photo Credit: Khamari/YouTube

Khamari has been a breath of fresh air on the modern R&B scene thanks to the release of his debut A Brief Nirvana. The set, which features the tender ballad “These Four Walls,” has some of the most thoughtful songwriting this side of a Frank Ocean album. He’s also showing us he can deliver on a visual front with the release of a clip for his latest single “Right My Wrongs.”

The song itself takes a cue from Ocean, with its confessional lyrics and an interpolation of the chorus from Darondo’s 1970s hit “Didn’t I” evoking the many emotions left at the end of a relationship. Khamari doesn’t run from those emotions, either. Rather he leans into them with a vulnerable and honest sincerity that’s rare in this day and age.

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The song’s visual taps into that sincerity. It opens like the song with a beautiful moment between two lovers. It’s soon revealed that the moment we saw, like the others featured in the video, was simply a memory of times before the end. These moments aren’t just happy, either, as we watch him relive minor annoyances and what appears to be the fight that ended it all. The camera soon swings to him sitting alone in an empty room as toy trains chug along the miniature tracks surrounding him.

With very little artifice, Khamari has delivered quite the moving visual. Watch him walk through his memories in “Right My Wrongs” when you press play below.

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