Jungle Takes Us ‘Back On 74’ & Unleashes Their ‘Volcano’

Photo Credit: JUNGLE/Instagram

We’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Volcano, the latest album from UK outfit Jungle, since we first heard the retro leanings of their dynamite lead single “Candle Flame” way back in March. Since then, they’ve wowed us with a stream of singles combining soul, hip-hop, dance, disco and funk in explosive ways and tightly choreographed visuals to match. Our wait is now over as the album is finally here.

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The set delivers on the quality of their previous three outings — Jungle, For Ever and Loving In Stereo — while expanding on their sound with a few choice features and a heavier soul and R&B influence. This was perhaps most obvious on singles like “Dominoes” and “Problemz,” but it’s a thread that runs throughout the album and gives each track an electric personality of its own.

Another standout tune is “Back On 74,” which the group dropped as the latest video in the series of choreographed masterpieces for the album. With a ’60s soul feel, the track is full of lush, hypnotizing harmonies. It’s a piece that lends itself well to the cinematic style we’ve been getting thus far, and the visual doesn’t disappoint. We watch the current crop of dancers in several setups throughout the clip that easily amaze and leave us in awe of how they did it.

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Volcano has plenty more where that came from, as well. In fact, the visual is part of a motion picture that includes each visual released thus far as well as pieces for other songs from the album. You can either purchase it as part of a CD/DVD set or buy a pass to watch it on the band’s website. Before you do that, though, check out the video for “Back On 74” and stream the album in full below.

Jungle Volcano [Amazon][Apple Music][TIDAL]

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