Jack Freeman Wants You To Take Back Your ‘Shine’

Photo Credit: Cory Dixon

Houston’s own Jack Freeman is back on the block and coming with some heat. The singer-songwriter has connected with GRAMMY-winning multi-hyphenate Bryan-Michael Cox and is ready to show off the fruit of their collaboration with his upcoming album Nina. But first, he hits us with the set’s lead single “Shine.”

Jack has been diversifying his style over the years, and “Shine” — which is produced by Lab Ox —takes us in another new direction for the singer. “Shine” is a danceable number that lands just below up-tempo, making it just mellow enough for us to move our feet as we nod our heads to the thoughtful lyrics. As the beat knocks with synths and quick-paced drums, he asks a woman why she willingly gave away what made her special to be with a man who doesn’t appreciate her.

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He’s soon drawing a stark contrast between himself and the other guy, posing a real question on the chorus. “Why you let him steal your shine? / Girl, you know you coulda been mine,” he sings. “Instead you let him steal your shine.” Once he’s made his point, though, he really gets into it. The beat soon switches up as a bit of New Orleans bounce is injected into the mix for a few bars before taking things to Houston with a chopped and screwed feel to round it all out.

“Shine” is an impressive return for Jack Freeman that has us hopeful for what he’ll bring when Nina arrives this fall. Take a listen to the song’s stream right here and then learn the song’s lyrics in the lyric video below.

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