Eric Roberson Only Regrets Not Meeting You Sooner On ‘I Apologize’

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Eric Roberson has always been prolific when it comes to his musical output. And it seems the celebrated singer-songwriter is entering yet another productive period. Earlier this summer, he dropped the thoughtful and wise “Things Meant For Me.” After speaking to our souls, he’s now talking to our hearts with his latest release “I Apologize.”

If you thought that the song’s title meant that we’d be getting a sad love song about Erro trying to get right with his lady, you thought wrong. Instead, he turns the concept on its head and makes it a lovey-dovey tribute to his woman.

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“I apologize for not finding you sooner, baby / I feel like your kisses were meant for only me, babe,” he sings on the heartfelt chorus. “I been waitin’ for your love.” As he sings, we’re treated to a production collaboration between Eric, Jairus Mozee, Brett “BDubb” Baker and Rodney Jones. The musicians make the song sound just as lovely as its sentiments with layers of guitar, subtle bass and funky drums that make this one the rare love song that you can nod your head to.

Eric doesn’t just stop there, though. He’s also gifted us with “I Apologize (The Redux).” This version of the song keeps most of the original elements while amping up the drums with a syncopated flair. Also added to the mix is a touch of horns, expanding into a different sound and feel that complements the song’s groove quite nicely.

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You can’t go wrong with either version of the track — though we have a bit of a love affair with both if we’re being honest. Let Eric Roberson make apologizing sound oh so good when you listen to both versions of “I Apologize” right here.

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