Berhana Takes Us For A Ride With ‘Like A Habit’

Photo Credit: Berhana/YouTube

Berhana is getting ready to march into a new era with the impending release of his upcoming album Amén: የዘላን ህልም on the horizon. Our first listen to the project came not too long ago with his single “Gone (Abebe Bikila).” Though that one was a jam, we had a feeling that the set would have many more golden cuts to come. Now here comes his next single “Like A Habit” to tell us our intuition was right.

Where “Gone” was more of a laid-back vibe, “Like A Habit” picks up the pace a skosh with a beat heavy on the percussion while keeping lilting guitar in the mix to match the emotional resonance of the lyrics. It gives enough space for Berhana to deliver one of his better vocal performances as he questions some behaviors and changes his girl is putting him through.

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“You try to break me like a habit / Now with the damages, I can’t tell the truth,” he sings of his situationship on the chorus. “You’re moving crazy, so erratic / Wasting my time /Oh, hard to say.”

Berhana goes old-school for the song’s video, which takes place entirely inside an SUV. The clip utilizes the old-school film and television technique of projecting a moving landscape behind a car to imply movement, making it seem as if we’re going for a ride with Berhana and his crew.

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While the performer drives in his emotional state, his friends move around in the backseat and vibe to the music. His homie in the passenger seat, however, proves to be the scene stealer. He nearly sets his headwrap ablaze while lighting a cigarette and constantly hangs his body outside of the window (even standing up on the window’s frame at one point). We never see where exactly the crew of four is heading, but we have a good time watching them get there.

Take a ride with Berhana when you stream “Like A Habit” right here and watch the song’s video below.

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