Yussef Dayes Collaborates With Masego On ‘Marching Band’ & Rocco Palladino On ‘Tioga Pass’ From Debut Album ‘Black Classical Music’

Photo Credit: Yussef Dayes/Facebook

Yussef Dayes continues the rollout for his debut solo album Black Classical Music in advance of its September release. The multi-instrumentalist/producer/composer fuels the excitement of his worldwide fanbase with the release of two new singles, “Marching Band” and “Tioga Pass.”

“Marching Band” features fellow musical improvisator Masego and feels like we’re spying on a closed jam session. With Elijah Fox on keys, Maxwell Hunter on bass and Venna on sax, the 4-minute and 44-second track allows each musician to simply play using their soul as a guide, much like the associated angel number. Uncle Sego freestyles the lyrics while noting his desire for more women in marching bands, while Dayes works it all out on percussion. It all makes for a catchy and carefree display of talent from each of the artists involved. 

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Meanwhile, ‎on “Tioga Pass” Dayes joins forces with frequent collaborator, bass guitarist Rocco Palladino. ‎‎Named after a mountain pass in Yosemite National Park, he notes its image as one that lives rent free in his mind following a family trip. Via press release he explains, “Rocco’s bassline and Charlie Stacey’s synth instantly take ‎me back to that moment. This is an ode to that time I guess, and to my mother who would bring us to ‎these beautiful locations.” Strings from Chineke! Orchestra add to the intensity and drama of the track and paint a naturally beautiful picture, even for those who’ve never viewed his muse for themselves.

These new singles follow ‎“Rust” featuring Tom Misch and the title track from Dayes’ forthcoming Black Classical Music. The 19-track album will also feature a host of other talented artists, such as Chronixx, Jamilah Berry and Leon Thomas, and will be released in several editions. Vinyl lovers will surely want to get their hands on the boxset, which will feature an embossed gatefold edition double tri-‎color splatter vinyl, a signed insert, Black Classical Music-branded ProMark drumsticks and a branded ‎afro comb. ‎ 

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Catch a vibe and listen to Yussef Dayes’ “Marching Band” featuring Masego and “Tiogo Pass” featuring Rocco Palladino and watch their visualizers below. Check out the cover art and tracklist as well, and pre-save/pre-order the full Black Classical Music album before it drops on September 8th.

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Photo Credit: Barka

Yusseff Dayes Black Classical Music tracklist:

1. Black Classical Music (feat. Venna & Charlie Stacey)
2. Afro Cubanism
3. Raisins Under The Sun (feat. Shabaka Hutchings)
4. Rust (feat. Tom Misch)
5. Turquoise Galaxy
6. The Light (feat. Bahia Dayes)
7. Pon Di Plaza (feat. Chronixx)
8. Magnolia Symphony
9. Early Dayes
10. Chasing The Drum
11. Birds of Paradise
12. Gelato
13. Marching Band (feat. Masego)
14. Crystal Palace Park (feat. Elijah Fox)
15. Presidential (feat. Jahaan Sweet)
16. Jukebox
17. Woman’s Touch (feat. Jamilah Barry)
18. Tioga Pass (feat. Rocco Palladino)
19. Cowrie Charms (feat. Leon Thomas & Barbara Hicks)

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