Ty Dolla $ign Gets Things In ‘Motion’ Again With Help From Chris Brown

Photo Credit: Ty Dolla $ign/Instagram | Chris Brown/Instagram

People are trying to move this summer and many songs are trying to be the soundtrack to that movement. One surefire contender is Ty Dolla $ign, who dropped his curveball of a single “Motion” back in June. Now Ty is capitalizing on the moment and throwing even more star power behind the song with a new version of the single featuring mover and shaker Chris Brown.

This new take on “Motion” doesn’t mess with the song’s formula too much. We still have the pulsing groove provided by producers Will Larsen and Stryv that propels the song forward. And we still have Ty on the opening verse and chorus singing of how music can take over you.

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The biggest change comes with the addition of Chris. The performer swoops in with ad-libs on the chorus before he drops in with his verse. “Startin’ me up with a touch / Takin’ over mе and I can’t get enough / Love that energy you bring, girl, who’s your plug? / Give you what you need, let me be your teacher,” Breezy sings on his verse. “Oh, I’m tryna take you high, high / Now don’t it feel so right, right? / It’s sendin’ me left and right.”

If we’re being honest, the inclusion of Chris Brown isn’t necessary here as the song was already a jam all by itself. But perhaps the performer’s inclusion will get a few more ears listening to it (and maybe we’ll even get a live showing when Ty Dolla $ign kicks off his More Motion Less Emotion Tour this fall).

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Will this Breezy feature get your mojo for “Motion” going? Listen to Ty Dolla $ign and Chris Brown collaborating once again when you press play.

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