Tink Confronts The False Fellas In The Visual For ‘Fake Love’

Photo Credit: Tink/YouTube

You have to love the way Tink puts men in their place in her own sassy and succinct way. We got to hear her do just that on her most recent effort Thanks 4 Nothing. She’s also been handling things on the visual tip for the project, as well. She continues her winning ways by giving us a riotous visual for her song “Fake Love.”

The song itself feels very personal and intimate as Tink confronts a man who isn’t showing her the love she deserves. In the visual, however, she turns the song into an anthem for all the ladies out there dealing with trifling men. The performer gathers women from all walks of life throughout the clip, eventually evolving the group into a full-on protest against men who play with their emotions.

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While we catch up on the situations that lead each of the women to pick up signs and start marching, we also get several glimpses of Tink looking absolutely glamorous. She keeps her fashion plate status on point in cleavage-baring, form-fitting fits that would make any man sorry that they ever played with her emotions.

Tink ends the video with her own cathartic moment. She embodies Waiting To Exhale era Angela Bassett and sets her no-good man’s car ablaze as everything fades to black.

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We love to see a woman take charge, and Tink is doing just that in “Fake Love.” Watch her make a strong statement when you press play.

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