The Shindellas Want To Make It ‘Juicy’ For You & Announce New Album ‘Shindo’

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The Shindellas have had the past two summers on lock thanks to their jams "BBQs & Body Rolls" and “Last Night Was Good For My Soul.” The trio isn’t just content with the summer, though. They want to keep us on lock all year. To prove it, they’ve announced their latest album Shindo for release this fall. They’ve also set us up with another jam for the summer with their new single “Juicy.”

“Juicy” showcases the ladies’ immaculate harmonies over a bouncy, summer-ready beat that pops, bubbles and shimmers. Don’t let the bouncy feeling fool you, though. The Shindellas are focused on the bedroom as they contemplate getting freaky with you.

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“Would you mind if I / Pulled your body closer to me / Show you how to make it juicy,” they sing in three-part harmony on the chorus. “Would you mind if I / Give you something gushy and sweet / I’ll show you how to make it juicy.”

The chorus isn’t the only part of the song with lots of innuendo. The verses are dripping with double entendres as they offer to put that “yummy” in your face and ask if you’ve got the cream because they’ve most definitely got the cake. Sounds like the ladies are looking to have some fun and freaky times.

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“Juicy” and “Last Night Was Good For My Soul” will be in the number when Shindo arrives on October 20th. Listen to the single right here then hop below to catch the song’s lyric video and peep the beautiful album cover art and its 9-song tracklist.

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Photo Credit: Weirdo Workshop

The Shindellas Shindo tracklist:

1. Up 2 You
2. Juicy
3. Ooh La La
4. Think Of Me
5. Good As Gold
6. Somethin’ That I Wanna Say
7. Kiss N’ Tell
8. Last Night Was Good To My Soul
9. Love You Inside Out

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