Steve Lacy Nurses His Heartache In ‘Helmet’

Photo Credit: Steve Lacy/YouTube

Steve Lacy made waves last year when he released his sophomore set Gemini Rights. The album spawned the monster hit “Bad Habit” and earned him a well-deserved GRAMMY Award. With more than a year passing since its release, you’d think that Steve might be on to the next. He’s giving us one last blast from the project, however, with a video for his song “Helmet.”

“Helmet” is all about the aftermath of a breakup, with Steve lamenting that he should’ve protected his heart from the pain that love caused him. “But lovin’ you was a hazard / So I got my heart a helmet,” he sings at one point. “I tried my best to be worth all your while / You just gotta let me go as I’m tryna let go of you.”

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The video delves deeper into the funk that ending a love affair can cause. It opens with Steve wallowing in his feelings while alone in his room. As the clip progresses, the wallowing gets worse and worse. The room soon goes from neat and pristine to an absolute wreck as he gets deeper and deeper in his feelings. The clip’s camerawork further reflects this as it tumbles and flips along with him and his moods.

Will this video mark the last experience we get from Gemini Rights? That remains to be seen. But if it is, it’s a good note to end on. Watch Steve Lacy sit alone in his room with his feelings when you press play.

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