Miguel Does It All ‘For The Music’ In New Sony Electronics Campaign & Previews Upcoming Song ‘Number 9’

Photo Credit: Sony Electronics

Sony Electronics recently announced a campaign in support of its newly launched “For The Music” audio brand platform. Described as a “dedicated space for conversations and exchange, aiming to create authentic music experiences by supporting creator vision over everything,” it is clear this multifaceted venture is set to push boundaries from both a creative and technological standpoint. Multi-platinum artist Miguel serves as the premier spokesperson for this endeavor and is a brilliant choice for such a boundless mission. 

In the accompanying Liam McRae-directed visual, we watch as Miguel literally ascends to new heights, smashing through anything that might derail his journey. The capture is dark and eerie like an epic Marvel movie, as our musical superhero scales a skyscraper and breaks through its windows. What it lacks in duration, it doubles in intensity as viewers will find it hard to look away. Following introspective narration, we are treated to a snippet of a brand-new track entitled “Number 9,” taken from Miguel’s upcoming album, which aligns with the campaign’s bold and innovative theme.

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Miguel gave some insight into the song and campaign to Billboard. “It’s about completion and new beginnings. It’s my intention to push ‎beyond creative bounds and discover new places to go as a musician and an artist,” he shared. “Sony was intent on ‎honoring artists’ creative vision and the song is about ending the old, starting new, and the cylindrical ‎nature of change. I think all of that comes to a head in this very short visual. It’s powerful. It sets the ‎tone for what’s to come, I’m excited for people to see it.”‎

Watch Miguel’s “For The Music” commercial and a second promo spot for Sony’s WF-1000XM5 Truly Wireless Earbuds featuring his latest single “Give It To Me” below. As the first of many collaborations with various artists, Miguel’s brand campaign will also support additional headphones, wireless speakers and professional studio equipment, and it will include various giveaways and VIP experiences. Visit the “For The Music” website now for the chance to win VIP passes to his upcoming album release party next month in Los Angeles.

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