LION BABE Invites Us Into Their House With ‘Body Work’

Photo Credit: LION BABE/Instagram

New York darlings LION BABE have been taking us to the club as of late with their head-on dip into the waters of house and dance music. They’ve been mostly serving us the experience via their flair for house-inspired covers of bangers like recent cuts “Bonita Applebum” and “Thinkin Bout You.” Now the twosome is diving back into original territory with the release of their newest single “Body Work.”

“Body Work” finds band member Astro Raw and producer James Juke tackling the beat, creating a synth-infused flurry of piano and quick-paced drums that propel listeners to the dance floor to work their bodies to the beat. But, just in case the rhythm wasn’t enough to get you, we have the siren song of Jillian Hervey to get the job done.

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We first hear the singer as her voice echoes and repeats “Rhythm’s got me going crazy” at the song’s start before she breathily tells us, “Let me see that body work.” She soon gives us more as she gets into her falsetto to describe the scene. “I’ve got a feeling / Hands in the air / Sweat’s dripping / Everywhere,” she sings. “I’m about to lose it, baby / ’Cause this rhythm’s got me going crazy.”

There’s even more to the fiery house groove, though, as the singer busts a quick rap before we go back to the chorus and then ride out on the instrumental until the track’s conclusion.

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“Body Work” is yet another tease from the duo’s upcoming project The House Of LION BABE. That project doesn’t have a solid release date yet. Whenever it arrives, though, we will be waiting with open arms. Get ready to work up a sweat when you listen to the latest from LION BABE below.

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