Jordan Hawkins & DUCKWRTH Get To The Real On ‘Can’t Fake What You Feel’

Photo Credit: Third & Hayden

Jordan Hawkins last thrilled us when he released his EP 4 Play earlier this year. DUCKWRTH, meanwhile, had us jamming last year when he released his EP Chrome Bull. The fellas are vibes all on their own, but what happens when the two unstoppable forces join together? We discover that with the release of Jordan’s latest single “Can’t Fake What You Feel.”

On previous efforts, Jordan has given us a mix of rock and soul. This time around, he’s going the straight-up soulful route with a contribution from Mack Keane, who provides his songwriting credits along with a production assist alongside his homies ESTA., King Oliver, Mauricio and Stari. The crew provides a funky, jazzy sound bed for Jordan to come direct with a lover who isn’t being forthright about her feelings.

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He details the situation while urging his lady to say what’s on her mind during the verses, summing it up quite nicely on the chorus. “Show me the real / How can you fake what you feel? / One in a mil’ / But you still fake what you feel / Can’t fake what you feel,” he sings.

DUCKWRTH slides through with a blunt 16 as he gets straight to the matter at hand, rhyming, “Life is for the livin’, no forgivin’, won’t you give me one chance / I can surely give you all the simple elements you gon’ miss / So I hope you not fake and my heart is on vacant / And my bed is all spacious / But I’m only so patient, my hotline blingin’, got another mama waitin’.”

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“Can’t Fake What You Feel” is a good mix of the styles of both Jordan Hawkins and DUCKWRTH and makes us hope that this is the first of many collaborations between the two. See what we mean we you press play below.

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