Jalen Ngonda Makes A Soulful Impression With ‘Come Around And Love Me’

Photo Credit: Rosie Cohe

Everybody, meet Jalen Ngonda. The singer-songwriter has been bubbling under for a few years now with projects like his 2018 EP Talking About Mary and a host of independently released singles. He’s now the newest signee to the revered label Daptone Records and readying the release of his debut album, which he’s introducing to the world with the set’s title track, “Come Around And Love Me.”

Most of Daptone’s roster has a throwback soul sound, and Jalen is no exception. “Come Around And Love Me” channels early ’70s soul — more specifically What’s Going On-era Marvin Gaye — in its musical arrangement. The carefully arranged rhythm section of guitar, piano and drums pairs with exquisite backing vocals and the unexpected inclusion of strings. They make the track sound as if it were an outtake from that timeless album.

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What’s different, however, is all Jalen. Rather than an urgent sign of the times, “Come Around And Love Me” is a tender plea on his part as he hopes to woo the object of his affection. “Please give a sign / I am yours, and you are mine / Don’t keep me guessin’ about others before,” he sings on the opening verse. That tenderness then gives way to urgency on the refrain, with him singing, “Oh, come ’round and love me / Keep this night in the everlight.”

Quite honestly, Jalen Ngonda doesn’t have to ask us more than once as we’re smitten with what he’s bringing to the table. His debut album Come Around And Love Me will arrive on September 8th, with pre-orders already open for what is sure to be one of the year’s most soulful moments. Get acquainted with the singer-songwriter by listening to “Come Around And Love Me” right here, and then watching him in action in the song’s official music video below.

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