Heather Victoria Owns Up To Her Own ‘Toxic’ Traits

Photo Credit: Chris Charles

It’s been three years since we’ve heard from songstress Heather Victoria. The last time she graced our ears was with her 2019 album Boutique Hotel, which featured singles like “Japan” and “Sunbeams.” The singer is back like she never left, and she’s being quite honest and vulnerable with the release of her new song “Toxic.”

With a title like “Toxic,” one would think Heather is taking aim at a no-good man. On the contrary, she actually points out some of her own toxic ways. As the soulful loop of piano, guitar and drums sets the scene, she fills us in on her situation and the ups and downs that happen in her relationship. While it all seems standard at first, she soon reveals that she plays her own part in the belligerent things that go down because she enjoys the rush of it all.

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“Maybe I’m toxic / Poison by love never giving a f**k / Ooh yeah / Taste my elixir you’re under my control,” she sings on the chorus. “Loving all of me means more than loving me / You have to cater to the inner thug in me / That s**t that make you crazy.”

Heather Victoria might’ve stayed away from the scene for a while, but “Toxic” is a welcome return from the singer that has us open all over again. Listen as she lists her red flags when you press play and then stick around to watch the song’s lyric video.

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