Grace Weber Wants To Get ‘Intimate’

Photo Credit: Sauphia Germain

Her name might be one of the newest to grace our pages, but Grace Weber and her star have been rising for quite some time. She’s currently readying her sophomore set for release this fall and has been happy to give us previews of what’s to come with singles like “Lonely” and “Insincere.” Now she’s offering another taste with her latest single “Intimate.”

“Intimate” is a smooth slice of R&B set off by its slightly jazzy bass line. It weaves its way through clicking rimshots and snare taps before other elements — including warm synth chords, layered backing vocals and strings — are added into the mix. It all serves as the perfect sound bed for Grace to invite a lover to get a little closer with her.

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“Take your time / Let’s take it slow / Like we’re never letting go / Show me more than I can see / Stay up all night with me,” she sings sweetly on the song’s chorus.

Her honeyed vocal and the inviting ambiance provided by the music could make anyone eagerly accept her invitation. She offers more incentive with the song’s ending, though, switching up the vibe as she invites us to “hold me ’til we see the sun” before closing out the song with a chorus of breathy sighs that rise alongside the music.

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We’re still waiting to get more news about her sophomore set — including a title and firm release date. However, if Grace Weber is going to tease us with singles like this one, we’ll gladly wait until she’s ready to reveal them. Get “Intimate” with the singer when you press play right here.

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