Erykah Badu Revisits A Classic To Figure Out ‘Who Cloned Tyrone’

Photo Credit: Tony Krash

While Barbie and Oppenheimer might have dominated this weekend’s box office, Netflix’s They Cloned Tyrone took viewers at home by surprise. The sci-fi blaxploitation-themed flick starring Jamie Foxx, John Boyega and Teyonah Parris is full of hilarity and outrageous situations. It also has quite a few choice needle drops, including the surprisingly perfect inclusion of Erykah Badu during the film’s credits with “Who Cloned Tyrone.”

In case you were wondering, yes, the song is a reimagined version of her 1997 jam “Tyrone” re-themed to match the sentiment of the movie. It all starts as normal, with the sound of the live recording and the initial beginning asking the brothas how they feel and querying if the sistas are, indeed, alright. Upon closer inspection, however, the lyrics are changed to match the film’s subject matter.

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“These motherf**kas cloned Tyrone / So tell him come on, help you get your s**t,” Erykah sings on the revamped chorus. The changes don’t just happen there, though. The changes come fast and furious after the initial chorus, with her flipping things to speak to the film’s conspiracy and even tap into other real-world concerns.

Erykah Badu has always been with the jokes, and “Who Cloned Tyrone” is just as funny as it is soulful. Take a listen to the track below and keep scrolling to sample the They Cloned Tyrone soundtrack featuring Big K.R.I.T., PJ and more.

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