CAMP & Kevin Ross Bring Some Smoothness To Your Summer With ‘IDC’

Photo Credit: Jennifer Johnson | Moja

CAMP has been coming on quite strong this year. He kicked 2023 off by giving us a word and affirmation with his single “CNTRL.” Then he offered up something for the lover in us around Valentine’s Day with the beautiful “CHAMPAGNE FOREVER” before warming things in the spring with the sensual “TASTE.” Now, he’s giving us even more as he teams up with musical peer Kevin Ross for his latest single “IDC.”

“Smooth” is the first word that comes to mind the minute you press play on “IDC.” You’re greeted by warm synth chords and head-nod-worthy drums as CAMP gets straight to business by offering us the song’s chorus. “I don’t care who you with / Or where you be / If it ain’t with me / I don’t need an ordinary love,” he sings. “I can’t keep going round and round in circles / Trying to make this work / ’Cause I don’t wanna waste my time on nothin' ordinary.”

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He further explains the song’s premise on his verse, describing his wants and need for someone who is genuine in their love and provides him with a refuge from the rest of the world. Kevin then hops on the track with his own verse. The “Sweet Release” singer lists his credentials for why he should be the one for you before asking for the qualities he expects in return.

“IDC” is a welcome and authentic update on the ’90s R&B sound that is much beloved these days. But rather than simply draw from the well, the fellas put their own stamp on it to create not just a song but a moment. That moment will extend for CAMP when he drops his upcoming SUMMERBABY EP, which is scheduled to arrive mid-August.

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While we patiently wait for the project’s arrival, get into “IDC” when you press play.

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