Will Gittens Goes For A Drive To Release His Frustrations In ‘Bigger Person’

Photo Credit: Will Gittens/YouTube

Will Gittens has been on the self-care tip lately. No, we’re not talking about a skin routine (although we’re sure the devastatingly handsome singer surely has one). We’re talking about him protecting his peace at all costs, which has been the focus of his recent songs “DND” and “Bigger Person.” Now he takes us on the high road with the visual for “Bigger Person.”

The clip, directed by Javon Alvin, focuses on Will as he drives through the cliffs of Malibu to clear his mind. As he takes the road’s curves and turns, he sings out his feelings about why he had to cut someone else in order to free himself of their toxicity.

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As the video progresses, we eventually see Will stop the car and get out to look at the sunset over the water. It’s a beautiful sight, but it also lends a moment of catharsis as we see him scream, yell and thrash as he vents his anger and exasperation over diminishing himself for another.

“This song is a very personal song to me,” the singer said in a press release. “Being the ‘bigger person’ has led to many problems in my life. I know this song and video will help people struggling with mental health as a reminder to focus on oneself.”

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We’re happy that Will Gittens has moved past all the fake people in his life and thankful that this song and video are a message for all to do the same. Take heed of not only his message but the beauty in the visuals when you watch the video for “Bigger Person” below.

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