Usher Has Time For Muni Long On The ‘Hrs & Hrs (Remix)’

Photo Credit: Muni Long/Twitter | Usher/Twitter

When Usher performed at this year’s Lovers & Friends Fest, one of the highlights of his headlining set was when he brought out Ari Lennox, Summer Walker and Muni Long to sing with him much to the surprise and delight of the tens of thousands of music lovers in attendance. When it was Muni’s turn, she performed her smash hit “Hrs & Hrs” and turned it into a live duet with Usher. After becoming the talk of the festival, that unforgettable moment between Muni and Usher is now the official “Hrs & Hrs (Remix).”

For this remix, the song is transformed into a delectable duet. Muni begins the song with her original lead verse and chorus intact. Usher jumps in to add a whole new second verse that is filled with heart and sincerity.

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“Usually it was all about me / But your love was enough for me to rearrange some things / Hold you down, thick or thin / Around the world and back again / Where would I be if I didn’t have you? / I’d be a fool,” Usher professes, his vocals and lyrics fitting in seamlessly. He’s soon rejoined by Muni, and they go back and forth singing about all the things they could do with and to each other for hours.

A year after the original song catapulted to the top of the charts and months after Long won the GRAMMY Award for Best R&B Performance for “Hrs & Hrs,” this remix is somehow right on time. Between Muni’s rising profile and Usher’s enduring fame, this duet is a genius move for both artists. The fact that the “Hrs & Hrs (Remix)” sounds as good as it does is a testament to their talent.

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The superb “Hrs & Hrs (Remix)” makes us want to give Usher and Muni Long their flowers and champagne showers. Listen to our latest obsession below, and join us in having it on repeat for hours and hours and hours.

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