The Shindellas Have A Party To Remember In ‘Last Night Was Good For My Soul’

Photo Credit: The Shindellas/YouTube

Last Memorial Day weekend, The Shindellas had us lit and ready for summer with their jam “BBQs & Body Rolls.” The trio kept that party-starting tradition alive earlier this year with their poppin’ single “Last Night Was Good For My Soul.” The ladies are continuing to get us in the groove for the warm months ahead by finally dropping that song’s visual and showing how a party should go down.

The visual is actually a continuation of the video for “BBQs & Body Rolls.” We’re brought back to the same backyard barbecue we witnessed before. This time, though, we get to see more of how the party unfolds. The ladies are joined by family and friends (including our boys Louis York) as they enjoy good food, constantly filled red cups and a few hands of spades.

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The best part of it all, of course, is that we get to see the ladies jam to their own damn song poolside. Their chemistry is evident and the fun is nonstop. Even better, we get to see the day party go well into the night as everyone heads to the hot tub with even more bottles and fun to be had.

The party showcased here is how we want every gathering in Summer 2023 to be. While we go manifest that for ourselves, y’all can fill up your red cups with your brown liquor of choice and watch The Shindellas cold rock the party in “Last Night Was Good For My Soul” below.

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