Ta-ku Gets Xavier Omär, DAISY WORLD & ROMderful To ‘SMILE’ For A While

Photo Credit: Ta-ku/Facebook

As he prepares for the release of his forthcoming album Songs To Come Home To, Australian musician, producer, photographer and creative director Ta-ku spreads joy with his new single “SMILE.” Known for his collaborations with some of the music industry’s best and brightest global artists, this time he joins forces with U.S.-based singers Xavier Omär and DAISY WORLD and British multi-instrumentalist ROMderful. The result is a breezy, feel-good groove that is sure to turn even the most stubborn of frowns upside-down.

The love-filled lyrics paint a vivid picture of authentic adoration and pure intentions. That’s evident on the chorus, which starts the song. “I hope I make you smile for a while, baby / I hope you find love in my eyes,” Xavier and DAISY sing in unison. From there, he’s just as sweet and sincere on his verse as he sings, “Yeah I just wanna tell you nobody / Gives me these vibes and butterflies / So I’ll be anything you need / You’re already everything I want.” Her verse follows where she details her passion, declaring, “It’s that love at first sighting / It’s that thunder and lightning.” 

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Ta-ku directs the “SMILE” visual, and it is every bit as vibrant as the energy exuding from the track. We watch as the young lead Harkin Jackson goes merrily throughout his day, finding bliss in even the most mundane of tasks. Whether it’s the colorful palette or the utter elation he emanates from the very first frame, viewers will be hard-pressed to resist the natural urge to join in his jubilation.

Both the single and visual are said to set the tone for Ta-Ku’s new album Songs To Come Home To, which completes the trilogy formed by his previous projects Songs To Break Up To and Songs To Make Up To. Via press release he describes the project as a “celebration and testament to the power of creative collaboration” with artists he admires and says the lead single pays homage to his past, present and future. He encourages his listeners, “No matter who we are, where we are in life or thought we’d be in life. Do things that make you smile. Do it with the people who make you smile.”

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Allow Ta-ku, Xavier Omar, DAISY WORLD and ROMderful to put a “SMILE” on your face when you press play on the audio and video below. Ta-ku’s Songs To Come Home To is available now for pre-save/pre-add on digital music services before its Friday, August 25th release date. 

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