Shay Lia Is Moving On & Ready To Fly ‘SOLO’

Photo Credit: Shay Lia/Instagram

Shay Lia seems to be all about the thrill this year. Back in March, the singer came to us with “Takutá,” her first offering in three years. The mile-a-minute song had us ready to hit the dance floor and bust a move to its frenetic pace. Now she’s turning the tempo down a bit with her second release of 2023, “SOLO.”

Where “Takutá” was a heart-pounding race, “SOLO” is a sultry saunter. That’s thanks to its reggae-meets-R&B groove that moves just above the pace of a lover’s rock. With a guitar skank and echoing drums to keep the pace, the track gives Shay Lia a chance to cut herself free from a love that no longer serves her. It seems that while she’s been busy growing, her distant lover has been stringing her along to the point of frustration. She’s no longer interested in his games, though.

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“I’m done / I done moved on / I’ve done my healing / This s**t feels wrong,” she sings in the lead-up to the chorus. She later makes sure that he catches her gist, singing, “Don’t hold on / Let it go / I’ll be alright.”

Shay Lia captures the situation and her feelings in a way that should feel familiar to anyone who has had someone toy with their feelings. That’s why we believe her when she sings of being done and know that she sincerely means it when she says she’ll make it through.

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“SOLO” is a perfect cut to welcome what’s sure to be a long, hot summer. And the fact that she might give a few folks inspiration to make room for a future summer fling is the cherry on top of the piña colada. Kick back and listen to Shay Lia’s latest when you press play below.

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