Seinabo Sey Brings Her ‘EVERYTHING’ To ‘COLORS’ & Releases Album ‘THE ONE AFTER ME’

Photo Credit: COLORS/Instagram

Seinabo Sey kept us guessing about whether she would be dropping a new album over the past years thanks to a quartet of singles — “Suzuki,” “Swim Away,” “Blessed” and “Black Star.” However, it wasn’t until recently that she delivered on that promise with her new album THE ONE AFTER ME. Now that the collection is out in the world, she’s returning to the stage at COLORS Studios for a performance of her song “EVERYTHING.”

“EVERYTHING” seems to be a very personal song, with Seinabo reflecting on what she should do now that she’s given everything for love. She further elaborates on what has happened since on the chorus, singing, “There was a place where you were safe once / Do you remember? / There was a time when we felt / We felt, we felt like one.”

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The emotional cut is a perfect one for the singer to bring to COLORS. She does so with a regal grace befitting the royal purple backdrop the space provides her. Seinabo steps to the mic as the sound of the song’s guitar and strings fill the space with the ache of a heart on the verge of breaking. As she sings of listening to the voices guiding her, the end result is left up to interpretation. The moment still feels palpable, however, despite us not knowing what decision is ultimately chosen.

THE ONE AFTER ME is full of vulnerable moments like this one and is also worth your time. Watch Seinabo Sey deliver a beautiful performance for COLORS right here and then stream the album in full below.

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