Samantha Mumba Returns With ‘The Lie’ & Is Ready To Risk It All

Photo Credit: Samantha Mumba/Facebook

Samantha Mumba is coming up on a comeback. Right in time for Summer ’23, she drops a bop with her new single “The Lie” – a song that’s been years in the making.

The Irish songstress was a part of the wave of R&B/pop princesses whose songs were everywhere on the radio and videos were all over TRL at the turn of the century. That was when she released her first and only album Gotta Tell You in 2000. However, Mumba has only dropped a sprinkling of singles in the 23 years since, during which time she got married and had a child. She emerged during the pandemic with back-to-back tracks “COOL” and “The Process” toward the end of 2020, only to disappear from our playlists again. Now our fingers are crossed that Samantha’s back to stay with her latest.

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“The Lie” is co-written by the singer and Avehre (who also produced her vocals), and it sees her caught up in an entanglement. Samantha knows that what she and the side dude are doing is wrong, but she’s unapologetically risking it all. “I’m not yours, and you’re not mine / Laying with him, but I got you on my mind / It’s f**ked up, and it ain’t right / But it’s something neither of us can deny,” she brazenly sings.

Producer Drew Scott aka Druski supplies Mumba with an upbeat sound bed with a tropical flair. Rhythm guitar, synths and throbbing percussion are the perfect accompaniment to her expressive vocals on this scandalous sneaky link anthem.

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It remains to be seen if “The Lie” signals a new chapter in Samantha Mumba’s recording career or if it’s another one-off single that she’s simply sharing with fans who’ve been rocking with her all these years. While we wait to see what she does next, enjoy “The Lie” right now below and download the song on iTunes.

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