PJ Is Back To Cut A Lover Off Before Things Get Too Deep On ‘NMN’

Photo Credit: Akan Essien

It’s been a few years since we’ve heard from singer-songwriter PJ. The last time we caught up with her, she featured heavily on Common’s albums A Beautiful Revolution, Pt. 1 and A Beautiful Revolution, Pt. 2 — not to mention her own solo material such as Waiting For Paris. The singer has since parted ways with Atlantic Records and is now going the independent route. Her first indie release is her single “NMN.”

If you couldn’t decipher the acronym, it stands for “Not My N***a.” Though that gives you an idea of what the song’s about, it only scratches the surface. The song, which is produced by the in-demand D’Mile alongside Jordon Manswell and Adriana Allahverdi, finds PJ cutting a man off for a plethora of reasons. The foremost is that he has another woman, but he also seems to just be a walking collection of red flags. She finds the strength to let him go amid the guitar, piano and ticking hi-hats of the musical arrangement.

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“I just need to focus on the s**t I can control / ’Cause you're not my n***a / We went through a stage and you forgot to play your role / ’Cause you’re not my n***a,” she sings on the chorus. “Even when we laid up, I feel like I’m on my own / ’Cause you’re not my n***a / Gotta cut you off before I let you get too close / ’Cause you’re not my n***a.”

“NMN” might be PJ’s first solo single in three years, but this one might just be right on time. If you have a situationship that needs to go or are just into quality R&B, make sure to give the track a spin right here and sing along with the song’s lyric video below.

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