Monica Holds Her Man Down With ‘Letters’ & Gets Sudsy With The Game In Its Music Video

Photo Credit: Cyndi Brown

Monica sure knows how to draw out an album rollout. She’s been promising to release her album Trenches for the better part of five years now, and we’ve yet to see the set materialize. What we have gotten, however, are singles “Trenches” and “Friends.” Now she’s giving us her third single in three years with the release of “Letters.”

“Letters” finds the singer showing that though she’s garnered nearly 30 years in the game, she’s still the some ride-or-die chick we’ve come to know and love. She sings about her man in jail and how much she loves him even though they can’t physically be together. Instead, she writes him a letter to express how she feels over a beat produced by Tasha Catour and Dana “Big Dane” Johnson.

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“Writing you this letter / Damn, I wish that you could hold me / Pen to the letter ’cause with you I got no worries,” she sings at one point. “Things that you do it always hit and make my soul shake / I try not to but I often think / I finally found my soulmate.”

In the video, Monica brings the song to life with a bit of help from none other than The Game as her beau. We see a glammed-up Monica sitting regally as pages of her letter float around her in suspended animation at first, making for a beautiful vision. Things then get super steamy as Mo flashes back to moments with her boo in the bathtub. The steamy scene is enough to get tongues wagging (and even gets Monica’s own son wondering what’s happening). Monica ultimately realizes she’s on her own, though, as the end of the visual shows The Game’s visage appearing before her before dissipating into the ether.

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Monica might have us waiting on Trenches, but it seems like this one is right on time. Take a listen to “Letters” right here and then catch her and The Game getting sudsy in the song’s video below.

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