Little Dragon Keeps Things Rolling With ‘Tumbling Dice’

Photo Credit: Jakob Ivar Ekvall

We are just two weeks out from getting Slugs Of Love, the latest effort from Sweden’s own Little Dragon. The quartet has been fairly consistent in releasing singles from the set, the most recent being the aptly named “Gold.” As we approach the homestretch before the album’s arrival, they gift us with another listen with the new single “Tumbling Dice.”

“Tumbling Dice” finds the group still playing with genre, this time going for a more lo-fi, alternative sound. Guitar and synth keys dance atop a rumbling bass line and steady drums as lead vocalist Yukimi Nagano waxes poetic about enjoying this life and living in the moment.

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“I’ll be gone in a flash, let’s dance till we go / One day all of us will be buried in stone,” she sings on the first verse. “Take a breath, make it worth every step as we go / Tumbling in the wind.” The true message of the song is found in the simple chorus, however, as she sings, “In the end, may we lie with a lingering smile / For those beautiful times, uh-huh / In the end, if we cry for forgiveness / Let’s die for those beautiful times, mmm-hmm.”

While the song’s message is one that is heard often, it’s not always expressed in such a manner. “Tumbling Dice” is super laidback, making this the kind of song perfect for putting on when you’re on a long drive and just want to let life wash over you.

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Let Little Dragon ease you down the road with “Tumbling Dice” when you press play right here.

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