Khamari Makes His ‘COLORS’ Debut With ‘These Four Walls’ & Releases Debut Album ‘A Brief Nirvana’

Photo Credit: COLORS Studios/Instagram

While many are belaboring the so-called death of R&B, there are many newer artists stepping up to keep its flame burning. One of them is rising star Khamari, who recently released his debut album A Brief Nirvana. The crooner also took his talents to COLORS to showcase his skills with a performance of his track “These Four Walls.”

“These Four Walls” is a tender ballad from the perspective of a man trying to make these things work in a relationship though his partner doesn’t seem to want the same. It’s a heartbreaking song with a silver lining, though, as he mentions on the chorus that the four walls that isolate him are much more reliable than she will ever be.

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He brings the earnestness of the song’s lyrics to life in his COLORS performance. With nothing in the studio but him and a mic, Khamari performs with eyes closed as he sings and allows the song’s emotion to fill the brown-tinted room. We don’t know about y’all, but we think Khamari might have next.

“These Four Walls” is just one of the 11 songs featured on A Brief Nirvana that showcase the undeniable talent that Khamari possesses. Watch his performance of the song right here and then stream his debut in full below.

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