Keyshia Cole Mourns Her Mother’s Loss On ‘Forever Is A Thing’

Photo Credit: Keyshia Cole/Instagram

Keyshia Cole made a splash this past weekend with the premiere of her Lifetime biopic Keyshia Cole: This Is My Story. The movie gave fans even more insight into her life and times while also acting as a tribute to her late mother Frankie Lons, who was portrayed by the legendary actress Debbi Morgan in the film. Keyshia also gave musical tribute to her mother with the release of her newest single “Forever Is A Thing.”

“Forever Is A Thing” is a touching ballad about loss, with Keyshia pouring her heart out over the modern soul groove provided by S1 and Sir Tim. It finds the Oakland native reflecting on her hard loss and the residual pain that still lingers in the wake of her mother’s passing.

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“Shoulda known the day would come when you would go away / But I was too wrapped up in your love to ever know, how would I know?” she sings on the heartfelt chorus. “That you didn’t wanna stay / You were ready to leave / Am I just a fool / To ever think forever is a thing?”

While Keyshia Cole is known for ballads that hit close to home, she’s outdone herself with this one. Not only does the listener feel her pain — especially during the melancholy coda, on which she sings over somber piano, strings and muted trumpet — but the song strikes a chord that truly resonates.

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“Forever Is A Thing” was featured in Keyshia Cole: This Is My Story, but there’s no word on if it will also be included on her rumored forthcoming album. Allow her to share her pain with you when you listen to the track below.

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