Jungle & Channel Tres Give Us That Lovin’ Feeling With ‘I’ve Been In Love’

Photo Credit: Jungle/Facebook

Jungle has been on a roll as they’ve continued the rollout of singles from their upcoming album Volcano. They gave us fire with the lead single “Candle Flame” and then smoothed things out with follow-up “Dominoes.” Now they’re giving us their funky, danceable take on a love ballad with their Channel Tres-featuring new single “I’ve Been In Love.”

“I’ve Been In Love” follows the Jungle formula we’ve come to know — with a sound that borrows from yesteryear while still keeping us moving on the dance floor thanks to the duo’s slick production techniques. This time around, stabs of synth piano, guitar and a groove-worthy beat give the song its undeniable rhythm.

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Channel Tres, meanwhile, laces the song with his signature rap-sung delivery while getting a little raunchy in the lyrics department. “In my Tesla, might get arrested / She sittin’ on my new s**t, we still getting messy,” he rhymes on the opening verse. “Playing Anita while she got her feet up /
And she lick me from the neck up, all I wanna do it f**k it / I don’t care if you rush it, only care if you touch it.” It’s not all about lust, though, as he later professes that he’s been in love since the first day they met and is “dyin’ to be in your arms.”

The visual for “I’ve Been In Love” continues the choreographed narrative that’s been happening in all the visuals from the album thus far. Picking up right where “Dominoes” left off, a sassy host introduces us to the latest number the dancers are set to perform. They soon get into it, following the dancers as they unleash choreographed chaos in a set made to look like a nightclub. The moves are as crisp as always and they tell a story, with the dancing couple we saw initially ending up together as the lights turn red and the song ends.

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We’re absolutely loving what Jungle has been up to and can’t wait to see what comes next. Get into the latest from the group when you listen to “I’ve Been In Love” right here and check out the visual below.

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