Jesse Boykins III Wants To Get ‘Kind And Nasty’ With You

Photo Credit: Abdi Ibrahim

Jesse Boykins III surprised us a couple weeks ago when he broke his years-long musical hiatus to hit us off with his single “No Love Without You.” The song was a welcome return from one of R&B’s best singer-songwriters. While that single found Jesse in his romantic lane, he’s diving into carnal matters on his newest release, “Kind And Nasty.”

“Kind And Nasty” is thick with groove. Jesse lets the beat simmer for the song’s opening seconds so that the synth bass and drums create anticipation for what’s to come. The singer then delivers when we hear the warm sound of his falsetto filling our speakers. His voice unfolds the situation as he tells us of a game of cat and mouse he’s been playing with a potential lover. A week of talking, texting and sending naughty pics to one another has gotten him feeling a way, and now he’s ready to spend all that energy building up between the two of them.

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He wastes no time getting to business, describing exactly what he wants while getting us hot and bothered. “I need you nasty, I want you kind / Soak these sheets while I blow your mind / Bite your lips just to slow the time / Treat this night like it’s overtime,” he croons. It’s getting hot in here and we are all for it.

With a new single arriving so soon after his last, we have a feeling that Jesse Boykins III might have a new project in the works. We’ll keep an eye out for whatever news we can get on that front while you allow him to turn you on by listening to “Kind And Nasty” when you press play.

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