Jesse Boykins III Expresses His Duality In ‘Kind And Nasty (Pisces Visualizer)’

Photo Credit: Jesse Boykins III/YouTube

Jesse Boykins III shows that Geminis aren’t the only zodiac sign with two sides in “Kind And Nasty (Pisces Visualizer).” The multitalented artist gets wildly creative with the concept of duality in the music video for his titillating new single “Kind And Nasty.”

The proud Pisces (Boykins’ birthday is February 20th) is back behind the camera and rocking his director’s du-rag for this clip. We view him via split screen with his back to the camera on both sides. He’s dressed in white on one side and in black on the other and holds a small mirror in his hand that reflects his face in each half of the screen. You’ll be transfixed watching his dual reflections as he sings, flashes his smile and grill, bites his lip, gives come hither glances and makes even the most innocent expressions look oh-so enticing and inviting.

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Jesse shared a preview of the video on Instagram with some insight about his vision. “The duality is in us, and they respond to our reality collaboratively,” he wrote in the caption. “I just want to share the range of love to lust to love we all experience.”

“Kind And Nasty” is Jesse Boykins III’s second new single and video combo following the May release of “No Love Without You” and its hair-raising visual. We expect that he has much more AV heat on the way this summer. Until we find out what’s next to come from Boykins’ brilliant mind, watch the man in the mirror below.

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