Doja Cat Switches Up Her Style To Get Our ‘Attention’

Photo Credit: Doja Cat/YouTube

Doja Cat has had no problem getting people’s attention as of late. Whether it’s shaving her head, crashing various Fashion Weeks in eye-grabbing looks or denouncing her previous work as “cash grabs,” the rapper/singer has no problem grabbing headlines. Now that she’s become a pop culture darling, Doja has said that she’s over pop music and ready to delve deeper into rap. She seemingly starts that campaign with the aptly named new single “Attention.”

At first, it feels like Doja might be reneging on her hip-hop promise. The song opens with a sung chorus alongside guitars and drums that have a slight, rock-like grit to them. Don’t get it twisted, though, as she soon goes off with the song’s verses.

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“Look at me, look at me, you lookin’? / My taste good, but I just had to redirect my cookin’ / I coulda been an opener, I redirect the bookin’,” she rhymes on the opening verse. “I readed all the comments sayin’, ‘D, I’m really shooketh’ / ‘D, you need to see a therapist, is you lookin’?’ / Yes, the one I got, they really are the best / Now I feel like I can see you b*****s is depressed / I am not afraid to finally say s**t with my chest.”

While it’s obvious that Doja is out to prove that she can rhyme with the best of them here, that doesn’t mean that she has lost the will to get weird. She does so in the song’s accompanying video, where we first see her driving in her whip while being hounded by paparazzi with distorted faces. We soon cut to the stylish performer walking down a street with reckless abandon and pissing everyone that she bumps into off. The imagery gets trippier as her image and the faces of everyone else get more distorted as the clip goes on.

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Doja Cat never fails to make an interesting statement, and she’s achieved her goal of making us take notice with this one. Listen to the stream of “Attention” right here and then head below to watch its slightly NSFW music video.

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