Allow DeAndre Brackensick To Reintroduce Himself As Dre Scot With ‘Feelings’

Photo Credit: Dre Scot/Facebook

What’s in a name? Well, former American Idol contestant DeAndre Brackensick is trying to see something with his professional name change to Dre Scot. The singer-songwriter has been honing his craft, releasing music independently, amassing fans and making connections in the past decade since he was on Idol’s Season 11. His grind hasn’t been in vain, though, and he’s currently signed to Ciara’s label Beauty Marks Entertainment with a full project on the way. He’s introducing what’s next – and reintroducing himself – with the single “Feelings.”

Dre Scot and Ciara co-wrote the song with Lynden WilliamsMarcus JamesErick Brizuela and NES, who also produced by track. NES lays a foundation of bass and drums for the slow jam where Scot’s vocals and range are in the spotlight.

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“Feelings” finds him enamored with someone, but he needs to make sure this isn’t a one-sided kinda love and that what they have is the real thing. Naturally, he’s got questions that need answers.

“So what you really mean? / When you tell me all these things / Like, ‘I need you,’ is it true?” Dre sweetly inquires on the first verse in a flawless falsetto. He holds nothing back and lays it all on the line on the chorus.

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“You got me feeling all of these feelings / I need to know, am I trippin’? / It’s too soon to call it love,” he sings. “I know you’re feeling all of these feelings / Let me know if you're with it / You just got to tell me now.” He’s been a patient man, but he’s ready to take this relationship to the next level.

We’re not mad at DeAndre Brackensick’s rebrand as Dre Scot, especially when his music sounds this good. Thankfully, there’s much more to come. Get into Dre Scot’s “Feelings” below, and add the track to your slow jam playlists from your digital music provider of choice. Follow him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok to always stay in the loop.

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