D Smoke & SiR Are Ready To Reap What They Sow On ‘Work Hard Play Hard’

Photo Credit: Vinny Nolan

Brothers are always gonna work it out. That’s especially true of musical siblings D Smoke and SiR, who have frequently collaborated throughout their respective careers — including their collaboration “Closer To God.” The rapper and singer unite in the booth once again to give us D Smoke’s latest single “Work Hard Play Hard.”

“Work Hard Play Hard” is all about reaping what you sow in the best way possible. Over a slick beat with sampled horns and a bumpin’ bass line, the siblings get into the benefits of working hard in order to enjoy the spoils of your labor.

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“Work hard, play hard / We work, work, work for the days off / Make time to take off, circle right back for the payoff,” SiR sings on the chorus. “Oh, work hard, play hard / We work, work, work, now we paid up / Make time to lay up, ain’t worried ’bout what anybody say.”

D Smoke, meanwhile, provides a majority of the verses on the cut as he illustrates why his work ethic is set up the way it is. He rhymes about the many accomplishments he and his brothers have achieved before outlining his reasons. “What you think I rap for? / I’m buildin’ my legacy, texts from my heroes / Hey, Ledisi / Chase bread, my pockets got lettuce-y / Foreign land with my brother, that’s pedigree,’ he rhymes on the opening verse.

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While the brothers do take some time to floss and show off — with D Smoke even kicking half of a verse en español — the song also showcases their bond and musical chemistry. In other words, them boys good! You can listen to D Smoke and SiR represent for Inglewood when you press play below.

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