D-Nice Working On ‘A Nice Life’ Memoir

Photo Credit: Jonathan Mannion

It’s no secret that D-Nice is a man of many talents and interests. Aside from being a world-class DJ, he’s a rapper, photographer, investor, philanthropist, father and cultural phenomenon. A true Renaissance man, soon D-Nice will add author to his long list of accomplishments with confirmation that he’s writing a memoir entitled A Nice Life.

The artist born Derrick Jones is ready for his next power move into publishing, and he’s starting with his life story. A Nice Life will chronicle the Harlem-born and Bronx-bred entertainer’s rise, reinvention and redemption. Well-known for his infamous storytime breaks during his Club Quarantine sets on Instagram Live, fans will get to learn even more about the beloved DJ’s life and times.

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D-Nice has utilized the hashtag #aNiceLife for years on social media as a part of his branding, so it’s no surprise that he shared the news of his work on A Nice Life on his socials first. He posted two images – a recent photo captured by famed photographer Jonathan Mannion in front of a statue at the New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan and a tattered school photograph of himself as a child – accompanied by an eloquent, heartfelt statement.

“I’ve been currently writing my book ‘A Nice Life’ and it has been both cathartic and challenging,” he wrote. “It has forced me to confront some difficult memories and emotions, but it has also allowed me to appreciate the resilience and strength I’ve gained from those experiences. Through my story, I hope to encourage others to embrace their own journeys and find hope in their struggles.”

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He also encouraged everyone to share their own stories because someone, somewhere may need it. “Whether it’s through writing, speaking, or simply having a conversation with someone, your voice matters,” he stated. “Your story can make a difference in someone else’s life and in your own.”

Derrick “D-Nice” Jones has definitely made a difference in innumerable lives and his impact on the culture is undeniable. He’s lived A Nice Life indeed.

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Details about D-Nice’s memoir are forthcoming, but he’s locked in and writing this future New York Times bestseller now. Read his complete statement via Instagram below.

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