AMAKA Gets Animated In Style In The Visualizer For ‘Leave It Behind’

Photo Credit: AMAKA/YouTube

AMAKA has been lighting up our playlists ever since she forged her own solo path after the dissolution of her duo VanJess. The singer is standing firmly on her own now with certified bangers “Cruisin’” and recent single “Leave It Behind.” The only thing she hasn’t really given us is visuals. She’s rectifying that now with the release of a visualizer for “Leave It Behind.”

The rising star turns to Elliot Sellers to help craft her vision and craft he does. He gives us an animated version of AMAKA whose style and look is constantly changing as the clip goes on. That means each second is her in a new ’fit, look and style as she takes us to a place we’ve never been before. That also means that the whip that we see her driving changes as well, giving us futuristic hot girl tease. It all ends with a moving portrait of the actual AMAKA that shows off just how fly she really is.

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This particular visualizer is quite a look and should be enough to tide us over until AMAKA is ready to give us her first official music video. Until then, peep her animated vision below.

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