Xavier Omär Finds The ‘MAGIC!’ In Real Love

Photo Credit: Xavier Omär/Facebook

Xavier Omär has always been all about the love. The singer-songwriter has been bringing love to his work ever since he stepped on the scene, and we have been smitten with his songcraft. We last heard from him over the holidays when he teamed up with Alex Isley on their duet “Peppermint Tea.” Now the singer is returning to give us “MAGIC!” with his latest.

With a name like “MAGIC!,” one would expect that it would be talking about how magical love can be. Au contraire, mon frère! He flips expectations on their head with the song’s message. A lightweight groove is set at the beginning of the song, making things feel as easy as falling in love. But he makes it known that he’s no Houdini and that what they’re experiencing together isn’t an illusion.

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"I won’t make you disappear / You won’t cut me into two / What we got, baby, is not magic / It’s for real, it’s for real,” he sings earnestly on the chorus. Though he denies having magic, we must admit that “MAGIC!” sounds absolutely enchanting. That’s due to the way he’s crafted the song and his ability to get right to the heart of the matter in a way that resonates.

You’ve gotta love how authentic and real Xavier Omär can get with his music, and “MAGIC!” is another prime example. Check out the stream of the song and its lyric video/visualizer below.

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