V. Cartier & Siaira Shawn Invite Us To Their ‘Private Party’

Photo Credit: V. Cartier/Instagram

Summer has unofficially started in the US now that we’ve endured Memorial Day weekend. Many of us are ready for all that entails, including the heat, the fun and the inevitable summer fling (or three). All that summer loving will need a soundtrack and it seems V. Cartier has us covered on that front. The rising star teams with fellow singer Siaira Shawn to invite us to their new single “Private Party.”

“Private Party” sets up the mood as soon as you press play. It begins with lush piano chords and stabs of guitar that simmer like a pot on the stove against the steady rhythm provided by the drums. The set-up clues us in that something sexy is about to go down and that expectation is met by V. Cartier when he starts singing.

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“Tell me, baby, what are you doing tonight? / ’Cause I have something special planned for you and I,” he croons. “There is so much in store for us / You’ll be floored by the surprise / But I don’t wanna say too much / Just take my hand and close your eyes.”

Siaira joins the party in the middle of the song, charging the atmosphere even more as she comes into the scene. “Caught you starin’ at my lips again / Looking at me like you know what you want / And we ain’t gotta tell no one / Sneakin’ ’round is way more fun / And I think we should keep things vibin’,” she suggests.

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It all culminates in the chorus, on which V. Cartier and Siaira Shawn trade lyrics as they invite us to a private party — as long as we keep it on the low, of course.

“Private Party” is exactly the slow jam we need as the days get longer and the nights get hotter. Get the party started by listening to V. Cartier and Siaira Shawn make beautiful music together when you press play.

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