PJ Morton Transforms Ms. Lauryn Hill’s ‘The Sweetest Thing’

Photo Credit: PJ Morton/YouTube

PJ Morton’s original music is Black excellence, but there’s something magical that happens when he decides to cover a song. He doesn’t just sing any old regular degular remake. Instead, Morton transforms the songs that he chooses to cover into new works of art. He’s revamped everything from the Cheers theme song to the Bee Gees’ classic “How Deep Is Your Love,” which won him his first GRAMMY Award in 2019. Now PJ has once again added his special seasoning to a song with his spin on Refugee Camp All-Stars featuring Ms. Lauryn Hill’s 1997 hit “The Sweetest Thing” from the Love Jones soundtrack.

For his take on “The Sweetest Thing,” PJ takes us to a studio session where he performs the song live with his full band, background vocalists and horn section. Morton and company refix “The Sweetest Thing” into a fiery fusion of soul, New Orleans brass band and Latin Jazz. PJ is in his element and in a zone sitting at the grand piano and singing while all the players play their individual parts of this glorious whole. The musicianship, arrangement and vocals combine to make the song come alive.

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Director Dru Bui captures the moment on film in the official video, and we see PJ and the musicians creating this masterpiece of a rendition before our very eyes and ears. Family, friends and guests join in the revelry, and we’re only slightly jealous that we weren’t invited to witness this magic being made in real time. Just kidding – we’re very jealous!

PJ Morton dropped this video of “The Sweetest Thing” on his socials and YouTube with the caption, “Some new vibes. We had fun with this one!” That’s clear that fun and a time were had while recording this, but what isn’t clear is if the song will be released as an official single, if it’s from an upcoming project or what. We certainly hope that something is afoot because we need this rendition in our lives and on our playlists to satisfy our PJ Morton love jones.

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Watch the visual of PJ Morton’s “The Sweetest Thing” below, and join us in applying some friendly pressure on him to drop this jam immediately.

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