There’s ‘No More Waiting’ For New Music From Nicolay

Photo Credit: Chris Charles

Nicolay, the Dutch producer who functions as one half The Foreign Exchange and one of the pillars of the +FE Music collective, last grooved us on the solo front with Analog Dreams back in 2021. The mostly instrumental set — a compilation of his three 2020 EPs Lights In The Sky, Never Stand Still and A New World — helped us through the rough times of the pandemic and reminded us of the talent that he possesses. After taking a hiatus, Nicolay is back and jamming with his new single “No More Waiting.”

“No More Waiting” finds the producer crafting a slinky electronic groove with help from his protégé Creative Theory. Creative Theory also provides the song’s lead vocal with an assist from vocalist JJ, another protégé of Nicolay’s, giving the song a bit of soul to go along with its digital bounce as he sings of a relationship that’s run its course.

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“I need to let you go / I need to live my life without you / ’Cuz you be gone away too long / It just ain’t working,” he sings. “You say I want it my way / But damn it, girl, so do you / See, love ain’t enough no more / I think it’s time to let you go, baby.” While that gives the song some background, the best moments come when he slips into his falsetto on the chorus as he sings, “No more waitin’ / No more waitin’ for ya.”

“No More Waiting” is the first we’re hearing from Nicolay's upcoming, as-yet-untitled solo production album. “This project is a culmination of twenty years of music and relationships, and the unofficial follow-up to my 2006 album Here, which at the time of release heralded my move to the United States,” Nicolay said in a press release. “At the other end of a few challenging years, I feel like the new music truly represents a rebirth: of a person and of an artist. For me, ‘No More Waiting’ especially represents this new era, and Phonte confirmed that by suggesting that I’d release this song first. This is the sound of a new beginning.”

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Nicolay was tight-lipped on when we can expect his new project, but we imagine we’ll be getting it sooner rather than later. Until we have more word on that end, run up “No More Waiting” – and two remixes and it’s instrumental – when you press play below.

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