Moonchild Shares An Acoustic Rework Of ‘Run Away’

Photo Credit: Taryn Dudley Photography

As Moonchild continues to reflect on their past work, they apply an acoustic treatment to another one of the standout tracks from their third album, Voyager. Following the recent release of a rework of “The List,” the Los Angeles-based trio blesses fans with a gentle adaptation of “Run Away.”

This stripped-down version of the lovesick track provides a softer landing for Amber Navran’s whispery vocals, which simmers down its overall energy. Whereas the original saw her as almost defiant in her declaration to see love through, this time her tone is somewhat defeated. The emotion of this latest rework brilliantly echoes its lyrics, “Still makes me smile and I’m not gonna hide it / Learn to love what’s left ’cause I’m too tired to fight it.” 

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There’s something to be said about a tune that still resonates once most of the instrumentation is removed or rearranged. While some are left with a gaping emptiness, this is not so in the case of “Run Away (Acoustic).”

Via press release, Moonchild explains, “When thinking of songs we wanted to reimagine in a more acoustic setting, ‘Run Away’ immediately came to mind. The album version from Voyager is synth and drum-heavy, so it felt like, between the harmony instruments and drums, there was so much room for us to rework it into something a lot more laid-back.” They continue, “We started by stripping everything down to just guitar and upright piano. Then we lowered the key to have Amber’s vocal sit in a more mellow register. Everything else fell into place quickly.”

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Listen to Moonchild’s reimagined “Run Away (Acoustic)” below, and add this fresh take to your playlists and collections on a variety of digital platforms

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